Man Cuts Friends Manhood Off And Puts His Severed Genitals In A Pan

A man has been arrested for cutting off his friend’s genitals and killing him before dragging his corpse to a beach and leaving the severed penis in a pan.

The incident took place in Sao Vicente, a municipality south of the city of Sao Paulo, near the coast, in the southern Brazilian state of Sao Paulo.

The suspect is a 48-year-old man and the victim was 56, and both were unnamed in reports.

The inn room where the crime took place, a 48-year-old man cut off the 56-year-old victims’ genitals and killed him, in Itanhaem, Brazil, on 28th August. (Newsflash)

According to the police, the victim tried to have sex with the suspect but the suspect refused and allegedly cut the victim’s penis off before killing him and dragging his corpse to a beach in the nearby municipality of Itanhaem.

He is then said to have put the severed genitals in the pan.

Police officers from the General Investigations Department (DIG) in Itanhaem arrested the suspect and said that the crime took place on 28th August, adding that he had been on the run until now.

The victim’s corpse was found on the sandy beach with a knife stuck into it between the chest and neck and the genital organ missing.

A beach in the city of city of Itanhaem, Brazil, where a 48-year-old cut off a 56-year-old victims’ genitals, killed him, and dragged his body to the beach, on 28th August. (Google Maps/Newsflash)

Investigating officers discovered that the crime had taken place at a nearby inn. Police found bloodstains on the suspect’s room before discovering the severed member in a pan.

The suspect told arresting officers that he and the victim had argued in the room after using cocaine and that the victim had tried to have sex with him. He refused and killed his victim with a knife.

He said that he had tried to clean up the crime scene but failed and then decided to drag the victim’s body to the beach before fleeing.

The suspect, who has a long list of priors including theft, robbery and assault has been incarcerated in the city of Peruibe, which is also located in the state of Sao Paulo.