Man Crashes In Tunnel As Heavy Roof Luggage Breaks Free

Story By: John FengSub EditorJoseph Golder, Asia Wire Report  

Video Credit: AsiaWire

This dashcam video shows a car driver swerving dangerously left and right in a motorway tunnel after loading his roof rack with a too heavy piece of luggage.

The clip taken in the city of Sanming in East China’s Fujian Province shows the accident happened inside Lianhuashan Tunnel at 8:06am local time on 16th January.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

The male motorist, whose name has not been given, can be seen travelling straight in the empty tunnel when his Honda SUV begans swaying from side to side.

The driver slams into the side of the tunnel, which is part of the Quanzhou-Nanning Expressway, before the huge piece of luggage finally flies off his roof onto the bonnet.

In the video, the luggage item weighing more than 50 kilogrammes (110 lbs) is flung onto the road and skids dozens of feet across the empty tunnel in a shower of sparks.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

Fortunately, no other vehicles were affected during the incident.

According to a statement given to local police, the driver lost control of his SUV when the heavy luggage broke the Honda’s roof racks and caused the vehicle to veer from side to side.

The motorist was not seriously harmed, but the Honda suffered a broken front-left wheel and other damage which is still being assessed.

The driver is expected to be held fully liable for causing the accident, but the police did not say whether he would be fined for apparently overloading his roof rack.

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