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Man Chops Up And Burns GFs Body, Claims She Had COVID

Story By: Juan Fenandez Mayes,  Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

This tribe leader has been arrested for dismembering, burning and burying his girlfriend’s body after claiming she died from coronavirus.

The grim incident took place in the indigenous village of Mbya Guarani Taruma Poty located in the province of Misiones in northern Argentina bordering Paraguay and Brazil and claimed the life of Argentine woman Maria Solange Diniz Rabela, 24.

Local authorities were notified by the victim’s stepfather, who said he and her mother had been unable to contact Rabela for several days and tribe members were unwilling to give them information or allow them access to the village.


Local media report the family members were first told of her death on Sunday 12th April but struggled to get help from the authorities.

The investigation was sent to Prosecution number three of San Vicente under judge Gerardo Casco who ordered raids and questioned locals.

Sources close to the investigation told local media: “The investigation was stalled because it is difficult to enter these closed places, even for the police. The inhabitants are very protective of each other.”

Evidence incriminating the village leader and the victim’s boyfriend Marcelo Nunez, 36, was reportedly found after a raid was conducted in his home. The victim was not indigenous but had moved to the tribe after starting a relationship with Nunez.

The tribe leader has reportedly been accused of abuse in the past.

Local media report a saw and a sheet, both with bloodstains, were found in his house however he was not found as he had already fled.

Police also found dirt that seemed to be moved and a single bed with burns and cremated bone remains. Uneven ground led police to dig in the area where the victim’s body was found in the ground.

Authorities told local media: “At first sight, doctors cannot determine the cause of death that is why we are waiting for the autopsy.

“But we can confirm the body was dismembered. We could not find the whole body. There are still parts we could not find.”

Police were able to gather testimonies from some members of the community who said the 24-year-old “had coronavirus” and died from the virus which is why they decided to burn her so “nobody else would get infected”.

Nunez was found in another tribe called ‘Pai Antonio Martinez’ 40 kilometres from the scene of the crime where he was detained on Friday 17th April.

They were allowed access by the tribe leader and detained Nunez who is being investigated for femicide.

Nunez claims: “She had a fever and a cough, like you hear about in the radio. They have made an accusation against me but I would never hurt any people from my tribe. She died of the disease.

“I did it on the doctor’s orders, he told me that he had spoken to the police chief and the body could not be taken anywhere.”

The cause of death remains unclear. Doctors say due to the level of decomposition of the body it will be difficult to determine.

The investigation is ongoing.

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