Man Caught After Murdering GF In Same Way He Did Wife

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Cops who arrested this man for pushing his girlfriend down a well and making it look like an accident say he told them he did the same thing to his wife five years ago.

The suspect surnamed Zhang, from the city of Huludao in China’s north-eastern Liaoning Province, allegedly faked text messages using his girlfriend’s mobile phone in order to make it appear that he had been out of town at the time of her death.

The victim Li, aged 51, was found several hours after her death and the incident was initially ruled an accident.

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However, investigators cast doubt on the woman’s seemingly tragic demise when they found burn marks on her neck and signs of an apparent intruder having climbed her boundary wall.

They also noted that Li should have been able to climb out of the well using the stepped sides; at the very least she should have floated in the water due to her being found wearing a down jacket.

Her boyfriend Zhang began the prime suspect and was arrested 25 hours later on 30th April.

The police said Zhang soon admitted to killing his girlfriend by hiding in her home and then ambushing her by pushing her down the well.

When she did try climb back up, he struck her over the head and immobilise her with an electroshock weapon.

According to the police, Zhang said he had been with his girlfriend for five years and decided to kill her because she repeatedly accused him of being unfaithful.

While being questioned, however, Zhang stunned investigators when he revealed he had actually murdered his wife in a similar manner five years earlier, according to reports.

After being caught cheating, he reportedly drowned his wife in a vat by holding her head underwater and later convinced her family that it had been an accident.

No one called the police.

Zhang told the authorities he had confided in his girlfriend about the murderer.

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