Man, 50, Turns Up At COVID Vaccine Centre With Silicone Muscleman Bodysuit

A 50-year-old anti-vaxxer is facing prosecution after he turned up in a silicone bodysuit to have his COVID jab into a fake arm in order to get the green pass.

The incident, in which the man hoped to have the jab injected into the silicone arm instead of his real arm, which was safely hidden underneath, took place in the city of Biella in the north-western Italian region of Piedmont yesterday (2nd December).

The man, name not disclosed but aged 50, showed up at the vaccination centre with the body suit covering his real arm to absorb the vaccine instead of having it going into his bloodstream, rendering the jab useless, but allowing him to obtain the controversial ‘Vaccine Passport’.

A silicone bodysuit-bust, complete with fake arms, neck and muscles. (

However, the nurse administering the jab noticed the man’s attempt to evade receiving it and alerted the police, prompting an investigation by the public prosecutor’s office.

According to the newspaper Il Riformista, the silicone wrap was similar to leather and the nurse noticed it as she was about to inject the coronavirus vaccine into the 50-year-old man’s arm.

After foiling the man’s plan, he allegedly begged her to turn a blind eye, but she reported him to the police anyway and an investigation is now underway.

A silicone bodysuit-bust, complete with fake arms, neck and muscles. (

Piedmont president Alberto Cirio said: “This case borders on the ridiculous, except we are talking about an act of enormous gravity, unacceptable in the face of the sacrifice this pandemic is making the whole community pay.”

Cirio added that the man will “now have to answer to justice” for not wanting to take the jab, and thanked healthcare workers who have been involved in the country’s vaccine rollout, and who spotted the scam.

Local media noticed that somebody who might possibly be the arrested man had posted an image of the full body suit asking people’s opinion on whether it would work to get around vaccine regulations.

A silicone bodysuit-bust, complete with fake arms, neck and muscles. (

The tweet, since deleted, showed this bodysuit (pictured), which it noted was available on Amazon and appeared to have thick enough skin to ensure the jab did not reach the real arm.