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Malta Tells British Holidaymakers To Leave Unvaxxed Teens At Home

The Maltese authorities have told British families they will have to leave their unvaccinated teenagers at home this summer.

As a precaution against the possible spread of the Delta variant, only vaccinated adults will be allowed into Malta from the UK as of Thursday.

The new measures exclude Maltese nationals and residents as well as minors under 12 years of age providing they are with vaccinated parents and have a negative swab test.

Nathalie Richardson (left), her daughter Ella (center) and her son Louis (right), in Malta in 2019. (Nathalie Richardson/CEN)

Meanwhile, children under the age of five do not need a COVID-19 test to enter Malta.

The rule poses a dilemma for many British holidaymakers to Malta as most children aged between 12 and 17 in the UK have not had the jab.

As a result, many British families are reportedly postponing or cancelling their holidays to the Mediterranean hotspot.

Nathalie Richardson was hoping to travel to Malta with her family on 2nd July. Her two children, Ella, 16, and Louis, 15, perform in the Malta Youth Orchestra and need to take part in rehearsals for a concert in the Maltese capital Valletta on 17th July.

She said: “My husband and I are fully vaccinated and so is Ella, due to having asthma, but Louis is not allowed to be vaccinated in the UK due to his age.

“There needs to be clarity on the situation as we are faced with having to split as a family, with my son and husband staying in the UK while I’m with my daughter in Malta to fulfil her commitments to the orchestra.”

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps tweet published on 24 June 2021, saying Malta will join the UK’s new green list. (CEN)

After the UK government announced that Malta was on the country’s green list, the Maltese authorities said that only tourists with a certificate for both vaccinations will be able “to enter Malta from the UK without the need for quarantine”.

In later statements, the reference to quarantine was omitted, clarifying that people “without vaccination will not be allowed to enter Malta”.

Meanwhile, children under the age of 12 are allowed into Malta providing they are with vaccinated guardians and have a negative test.

Travellers must show a UK, EU or Maltese vaccine certificate and complete a passenger locator form.

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