Malaysian Court Orders Seizure Of Assets Of Biologically Male Trans Influencer Who Dressed In Womens Clothes

A transgender cosmetics entrepreneur who was granted asylum in Australia after she was charged with blasphemy in Malaysia for dressing as a woman has had her assets and property seized.

The Shah Alam High Court in Malaysia ordered the confiscation and auctioning off of the properties owned by 36-year-old Nur Sajat Kamaruzzaman, who boasts 389,000 followers on Instagram, on Tuesday, 30th November.

The court made the order after she allegedly failed to pay a sum of MYR 200,000 (GBP 35,700) to her former retail partner, OWA Resources Sdn Bhd, and then failed to respond after the court appeal she lodged in April was unsuccessful, according to news outlet Astro Awani.

Muhammad Sajjad Kamaruz Zaman known as Nur Sajat. (@nursajatkamaruzzaman/Newsflash)

The former retail partner had claimed the damages over items that were supposed to be delivered for sale that were not allegedly supplied.

According to the lawyers representing the retailer, all the confiscated assets will be sold off under market value, and if the amount raised does not cover the compensation owed to the company, more of her assets will be seized.

The entrepreneur, who was once reported to be a millionaire, was close to bankruptcy in October as a result, according to news outlet Kosmo.

Nur Sajat’s bungalow. (Newsflash)

She was forced to flee her home country after the Malaysian authorities charged her in January with insulting Islam, which could have landed her in prison for three years.

The charge came after she wore a ‘baju kurung’, a traditional Malaysian long-sleeved women’s outfit, at a private religious ceremony she held in 2018.

Under Malaysian law, the entrepreneur is considered male, and under Islamic law, men cannot dress as women.

Nur Sajat’s bungalow. (Newsflash)

She now lives in Sydney and, according to her Instagram bio, her new business is “coming soon”.