Indian Man Claims To Have Magnetic Powers After COVID Jab

This is the moment an Indian man apparently magnetises pots, pans and coins to his torso after claiming he has developed magnetic powers since getting the second dose of the COVID-19 jab.

Shantaram Chaudhary, who comes from the city of Ulhasnagar in the Indian state of Maharashtra, shared a video clip of various metal objects, including cutlery and coins, apparently sticking to his body on social media.

Shantaram said he was inspired to make the video after elderly citizen Arvind Sonar, from the city of Nashik in the same state, posted a similar clip of him attracting metal objects to his body after reportedly getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

In the video, Shantaram is seen standing topless with various kitchen utensils, coins and metal plates stuck to his upper body.

He told local media that he had just received his second jab when he heard about Arvind in Nashik and decided to carry out the experiment himself.

Metal objects on the body of Ulhasnagar man who claims developing ‘magnetic power’ after vaccination. (CEN)

Shantaram said he was surprised when the same phenomenon occurred and his body was also allegedly magnetised.

Fact-checkers at the Press Information Bureau released a statement saying: “These claims about Covid-19 vaccines are baseless. Vaccines cannot cause a magnetic reaction in the human body.”

BBC Reality Check’s Jack Goodman also debunked the #magnetchallenge while fact-checkers at Reuters concluded: “Experts say vaccinated individuals cannot experience magnetism at the injection site.”

In response to several viral videos of vaccinated people claiming to experience magnetism, Reuters said: “These posts are not evidence of a magnetic reaction or that COVID-19 jabs contain a microchip.”