Madonna Wannabe Says She Was Bullied For Being Ugly

Story By: Jonathan Macias, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

The Spanish singer who made headlines for undergoing surgery to have “abs like Madonna” has said she was bullied as a child for being “ugly”.

The comments came as Spanish singer and TV presenter Leticia Sabater,53, published her first novel ‘Lety The Horrible And The Diabolic Boarding School’ yesterday (Tuesday). She wrote it in 2008 but she had not published it until now because publishers reportedly told her the topic was too risky.

According to Sabater, the novel tells the story of a girl who “is 15 years old, is very ugly but has a wonderful soul”.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@leticiasabateralonso

Although the celebrity-turned-writer says it is not a biography she admits having been bullied in the past like the protagonist who is also called Lety.

Sabater said in an interview with Spanish newspaper ‘El Mundo’: “I was born almost dead, with very bad dehydration of the pylorus, and I was very ugly, I had all kinds of defects and problems: crooked legs, cross-eyed, an eye patch, chickenpox scars, it was terrible.”

She added: “I lived through two of the strongest and most painful sensations you can go through, I was able to depict them very accurately in the book having suffered them: bullying and the disappearance of my boyfriend.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@leticiasabateralonso

“I suffered bullying at school too and I want people who might consider themselves ugly not to go through trauma.”

The blonde singer said that her life changed when she became 14 years old: “I started to be very successful with boys and after 14 my life was joyful and happy”.

The protagonist of the novel Lety is presented as a “smart, polite, not fussy, very generous and kind” girl, all qualities that the writer says she herself has, although she underwent an IQ test on the Spanish TV programme ‘Sabado Delux” and scored an average result.

Sabater also spoke about her retirement plans and said she stills enjoys working. The celebrity said: “I don’t have the voice of Beyonce but I dance very well […] I could retire, I have money, but I work because I have a great time”

Sabater underwent cosmetic surgery last March to improve her looks before a music tour. She said her goal was to have Madona’s abs, Kim Basinger’s hips, and Emily Ratajkowski’s bum.

The celebrity says she is now satisfied with her figure and with her career as a singer. Sabater added: “My body is already perfect. My followers are in love, they send me messages of love, they tell me that I am their diva, and they also send me photos of their penises.”

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