Madame Of Uruguayan Brothel Insists All Clients Are Fully Vaccinated And Wear Face Masks

The madame of a popular Uruguayan brothel is demanding that all clients be fully vaccinated and wear a face mask if they wish to spend intimate time with one of her 33 jabbed workers.

La Casa de Nana (Nana’s House) is located in the neighbourhood of El Jaguel in the city of Punta del Este in the southern Uruguayan department of Maldonado, and is reportedly the best known brothel in the area.

The establishment’s owner and madame, Nana, explained that her vaccination requirement is “a demonstration of my concern, as I want to know that people are not infected with anything”.

Casa de Nana brothel in Punta del Este, Urugvay. (Google Maps/Newsflash)

She told the radio station FM Gente that her sex workers are fully vaccinated and she expects clients to be jabbed too, adding: “Anyone who is not vaccinated cannot enter. Without the vaccination certificate, no one comes in.”

Nana also said that face masks are provided to clients who fail to bring one.

In 2018, she explained: “During the Uruguayan dictatorship, I worked as a prostitute in a beauty salon in Montevideo.

“I came to Maldonado and with the money I saved and I bought this house. Setting up the brothel happened a few years later. The place became known because we set a standard for carrying out this work: presenting medical exams, registering the girls, and avoiding situations of violence.”

In 2003, the Uruguayan government legalised prostitution and stated that all sex workers should be “persons over 18 years of age who habitually engage in prostitution, receiving remuneration in exchange in the form of money or in kind”.

Nana pointed out that her brothel is strict about three rules: workers do not consume alcohol or drugs while working, they must receive payment in advance, and they must insist that all clients use a condom.

She added: “Once a month, the girls must present a medical examination that shows they are in good health.”

The brothel has 33 rooms and each one is occupied by a sex worker. Nana said: “I rent them the room by the day. We give them the bed and furniture, they have to bring the sheets and towels they want to use. They also have a bathroom, with a shower included.”