Machete Clan Pelt Neighbours Who Changed Wi-Fi Password

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Video Credit: CEN

This is the moment a woman with a huge machete and her family hurl stones at a neighbour’s house after they changed the password on their shared Wi-Fi network.

The startling incident occurred in the Oasis neighbourhood of the city of Santa Marta, in the northern Colombian department of Magdalena and was recorded by an onlooker.

Local media report the two families were sharing a Wi-Fi network and the bills when one family stopped paying.

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Pictures Credit: CEN

The owner of the house where the Wi-Fi router is located, Belkis Camargo, reportedly changed the password to the network to stop the other family, who have not been named, from using it for free. 

In the video, a woman with a large machete can be seen standing in front of Camargo’s house and pelting it with stones.

Her family are also throwing rocks and onlookers can be seen shouting for them to stop.

The six family members then launch another onslaught with rocks at Camargo’s house before walking back towards their own home.

Camargo says a pregnant woman was hit by one of the rocks which flew in through a window. She says the woman, who was six months pregnant, had her amniotic liquid affected by the hit and had to have her baby extracted, although this has not been confirmed by the authorities.

According to authorities, the aggressor with the machete, whose name has not been revealed, has a criminal record and is under house arrest.

Ana Lacasa

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