Lucky Kid Dodges Fast-Moving Car By Inches At Crossing

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This is the dramatic moment a child dodges a fast-moving car which almost sends him flying as he runs across a zebra crossing.

The young boy from the city of Wenshan in China’s south-western province of Sichuan can be seen waiting to cross the street with his grandmother at 9:14am local time on 15th June.

The traffic camera footage from the junction of Xihua Road and Xiufeng Road shows the impatient boy running ahead of his nan, who extends an arm in a bid to stop him.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

As he sprints in front of a pickup truck, the speeding saloon suddenly comes into view while illegally occupying the bicycle lane.

The boy spots the car at the last second and stops and spins, expertly dodging the saloon as the driver also veers away and crashes onto the kerb and shrubs further ahead before stopping.

The child keeps running as his distressed grandmother gives chase and appears ready to smack him over the head for putting his life in unnecessary danger.

Local authorities investigating the case have yet to announce any charges in the aftermath of the near miss.

According to reports, the incident during a green light for the motorist – but his illegal use of the bicycle lane could see him fined.

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