Lucky Escape For Sleeping Dog Run Over By Car Driver

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Video Credit: CEN/@levijatanudruzenje

This is the moment a sleeping dog is run over and injured by a car but it luckily survives after realising the danger at the last second.

The incident was caught on CCTV cameras in a pedestrianised zone in the town of Lapovo in central Serbia’s Sumadija District.

The footage shows the estate car driving slowly over the dog which was lying in the sun near some public benches.

It is not clear whether the driver, whose identity is not known, did not see the animal or whether they deliberately drove over it.

The dog appears to realise the danger at the last second and manages to wriggle out from under the car in the bottom left of the screen.

But the poor animal was injured and was later taken by residents to a local vet to be checked over.

The vet, whose name is not reported, said the stray dog was about three years old and lucky it had not been more seriously injured.

The video footage was shared online by the ‘Levijatan Foundation’ animal rights group which is urging cops to track down and prosecute the driver.

A Levijatan spokesman commented: “A good and cute dog, a pet to everyone who residents took care of, has been run over by an individual and the cameras filmed it.”

It is not reported whether police are investigating the incident.

Netizen ‘Jovana Stanojevic’ said: “I cannot believe what some people are like. You can’t do much if a dog runs out in front of you. But this? A serious psycho is free.”

‘Sandra Kudelic’ commented: “He was going towards the dog on purpose, sick person, some people are not humans.”

And ‘Uzelac Stanko’ added: “This is not a person, this is human rubbish, I would do the same to him or her.”

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Picture Credit: CEN

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