Lucky Driver Narrowly Avoids Being Crushed By Lorry

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a lucky saloon driver manages to drive away at the last second as his car is about to be flattened by an overturning tipper lorry filled with gravel.

Traffic camera footage at the junction of Renmin East Road and Huancheng East Road in Taihu, a county in East China’s Anhui Province, captured the near miss.

In the footage dated 7th September, the saloon car and gravel lorry can be seen entering the busy crossroads and approaching from opposite directions when the smaller white vehicle driven by Mr Wu attempts a left turn.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire / Taihu Police

The gravel lorry driver, by Mr Hu, is unable to brake in time and veers his large vehicle to the right, causing it to overturn onto its left side.

The two vehicles collide, but Mr Wu appears to sense the danger and immediately turns his saloon car to the left, narrowly avoiding the gravel lorry as it slams onto its side and gravel comes pouring out of the cargo bed.

Images taken in the aftermath of the dramatic crash show Mr Wu’s white saloon badly damaged, but he and his passengers managed to avoid being flattened in the car and potentially crushed to death.

The authorities said Mr Wu and Mr Hu were unharmed, while the two passengers in the saloon were not injured either.

Taihu police noted Mr Wu would be held liable for failing to give way to Mr Hu’s lorry, which had right of way while travelling straight at the junction without turn-indicating traffic lights.

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