Loyal Dog Waits 1 Month By Railway For Owner Who Jumped

Story By: Ana Lacasa, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

This cute dog has spent over a month waiting by the side of a railway for its 27-year-old owner who jumped in front of a train.

Toto the dog was with its owner Facundo Brusco when he killed himself in El Jaguel in the eastern Argentine province of Buenos Aires on 14th August.

Facundo’s mum Karina said that the dog used to accompany her son on the way to his work and he soon adopted it, spending every day with his beloved new pet.

Pictures Credit:CEN

However, the 27-year-old man had been battling depression since 2012 when he started to see a professional.

After he reportedly killed himself, the dog was often spotted waiting beside the railway track where the incident took place.

Pictures Credit:CEN

Touched residents decided to construct a makeshift shelter next to the tracks to keep Toto dry on rainy days and even brought him food.

Members of the ‘Patitas Glew’ animal association were told about Toto and decided to rescue the heartbroken animal.

Pictures Credit:CEN

Association member Sol said: “When we arrived there, the dog was very suspicious and a little scared.”

They brought Toto to a shelter and shared a photo of the dog on social media in the hope of finding it a new home.

Facundo’s mum Karina saw the social media post and responded, eventually agreeing to adopt the dog.

She told local media: “At first Toto was scared, but now the dog feels at home.”

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Ana Lacasa

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