Loyal Dog Saves Family Of 5 From Blaze

Story By: John FengSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report


This is the moment a woman pays a heartfelt tribute to her pet dog while standing in her burned-down home after the pooch woke them up and saved five lives from a fire.

Liu Ruihua, from the city of Chifeng in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in North China, said her tiny mongrel named ‘Maodou’ alerted her family about a blaze in their kitchen on 17th March.

Maodou, which is Chinese for the edamame, usually lives outside the house in the family’s courtyard. The pooch clawed and gnawed at their doors before Ms Liu’s husband went outside, the homeowner recalled.


Footage posted by Ms Liu shows her standing in the ruins of her family home, stepping over ashes and charred furniture as she pays tribute to her loyal life-saving dog.

She said: “This little dog saved my life, scratching and knocking on the door.

“This is the dog. I saved its life, now it’s saved mine.”


Ms Liu said she and her family adopted Maodou last summer when they found the scrawny pup abandoned by the side of the road.

In the video, she also urges her friends not to eat dog meat.

She recalled: “My husband asked why the dog was scratching at the door, so he opened the door to check.

“We knew nothing of the fire. It knocked on the front door and then the back door.

“The dog led him to the back of the house, then he saw the fire in the kitchen.

“He came back and called us out. Five minutes later and we’d have all been burned to death.

“We found Maodou as a pup. Nobody wanted it.

“I saved it then. Now it’s saved all five of us.”

According to reports, the fire was started by the family’s heating furnace.

Ms Liu did not reveal where they would be living while their home is rebuilt.

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