Loyal Dog Refuses To Separate From Dead Owners Ashes

Story By: Lisa-Maria Goertz, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

The story of this loyal dog who refused to leave his deceased owner’s ashes has captured the hearts of social media users.

The photos were taken by the daughter of dog’s former owner, Gabriela Mondaca, in her home in the city of Los Mochis, in the northeastern Mexican state of Sinaloa.

According to international news outlet 20 Minutos, Gabriela adopted the loyal dog after her dad passed away.


The snaps show the large furry black and white dog sitting in front of a shrine of flowers and candles.

Gabriela shared the images on her Twitter account with the post: “My dog always slept next to my dad, he took him out for a walk every day without fail. When they gave us his ashes, my dog would not separate from them for a second and cried, so do not tell me that animals do not feel.”

The post received over 72,000 likes and 6,900 shares, inspiring many other social media users to share similar stories about their loyal dogs.


Twitter user ‘Marcela Morningstar’ wrote: “My dad had a dog and died of cancer. The first anniversary of his death we got up to find that the dog had died in its sleep on his bed on the same day as its loved one year before.”

Whilst netizen ‘AmandaAS’ commented: “My mother had been experiencing anxiety attacks (due to the pandemic) and the first one to notice was (our dog) Yoko. He didn’t leave her until she calmed down, he even went to sleep with her and got on top of her to lick her face. Dogs are a blessing.”

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