Low-Flying Plane Explodes In Field Killing Pilot And Charring Passengers To Death

Three people have been killed, two of them burned beyond recognition, after the light aircraft in which they were travelling crashed in a field and exploded in flames.

The single-engine aircraft crashed at an illegal mining site between the Brazilian municipalities of Itaituba and Novo Progresso on 6th May.

According to witness testimony, the plane was flying at low altitude when the pilot apparently lost control of the aircraft.


It then ditched in a field at the Sao Raimundo illegal mining site, exploding upon impact.

According to reports, the pilot had managed to eject from the doomed aircraft. However, he was killed upon impact with the ground.

His dead body was reportedly seen at the scene, along with the charred remains of the two other passengers.


Images taken at the scene show the light aircraft in flames and with a plume of thick, black smoke emanating from the wreckage.

The deceased pilot has been named as Ribamar “Ribinha” Pinheiro Brandao, aged 37. He was buried in Novo Progresso on 7th May.

An older photo of him shows him holding a young child inside his aircraft, suggesting he may have been a dad.


One of the two remaining victims has been named as Danilo Oliveira dos Santos. According to reports, he was the co-pilot and was learning to fly at the time.

The third victim has been named as Aldson Santos Moreira, who was travelling in the aircraft as a passenger.

Their bodies have been taken to the municipality of Recife and an unnamed rural municipality in the state of Maranhao.


The police are investigating the incident, as is the Aeronautical Accidents Investigation and Prevention Centre.