Love Rivals Fight With Swords Over Woman

Story By: Gabriel Zamfir, Sub-Editor: Angjela Trajkovska, Agency:Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/Oana Callin

This is the moment a man in a car who has been repeatedly stabbed by a love rival using a military bayonet pulls out a huge sword to chase off his attacker before collapsing.

The footage in which the blade clashing scene was played out was filmed on a street in the town of Giurgiu, in Southern Romania’s Giurgiu County, where the 37-year-old victim named only as Ninel Valentin M. was spotted by his new girlfriend’s ex lover, named as Ionuț Silvian F., 29, who attacked him with the military bayonet.

He broke the window and stabbed the victim inside repeatedly, making more stabbing attempts as the car driver tried repeatedly to get out.

When other person in the car manages to get out of a rear door on the other side of the vehicle and together with the stabbed man in the car, who pulls out a sword, they disarm the 29-year-old aggressor.

At that point he ran away and he was eventually caught by the police, arrested and charged with attempted murder.

The 37-year-old victim was later transported to a hospital in the capital city of Bucharest in a critical condition.

Medics said two of the blows had only narrowly missed his heart and there were at least five other deep wounds.

According to local media, what led to the conflict is a love issue, after the 29-year-old man was left by his girlfriend who hooked up with the 37-year-old Ninel.

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Picture Credit: CEN

Gabriel Zamfir

I am a correspondent working to several international publications around the world via the news agency Central European News.

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