LOST CALF ITS LIFE: Dying Baby Sperm Whale Washes Up On New York Beach

A baby sperm whale recently washed up on a New York beach, giving rise to concerns for local marine biologists who claim this was the third case in just a month and a half.

Baby sperm whale washes up on Rockaway Beach, in Queens, New York, in undated footage. The sperm whale or cachalot is the largest of the toothed whales and the largest toothed predator. (@skippersurfreview/Newsflash)

Sadly, the poor creature died even after multiple attempts to save it.

Drone footage captured by local surfer Yury Tsedenov shows the baby whale rolling over in the shallow waters of Rockaway Beach while dying a slow and tragic death.

Yury said that the creature appeared to have been hit by a boat.

Experts with the Atlantic Marine Conservation Society (AMSEAS) performed an external necropsy exam and found that the 30-foot-long baby sperm whale was very skinny for its size.

They added that generally when whales or dolphins come that close to shore it’s because they’re sick so they come to prepare to pass away.

The organisation, which deals specifically with sperm whales, said that this was the third whale beaching in a month and a half, with two other 12-foot calves washing up on shore prior.

Marine biologists said this was the first sighting of sperm whales in the last three years since they are very rarely found around the area.

They attributed the sightings to a possible “mortality event”.

AMSEAS also took this opportunity to advise residents in the case of a marine animal appearing in distress: “Call Amseas as soon as possible and take photos so rescue teams can identify it.”

Most importantly, they noted, is to not touch or push the animal, since even the most well-intentioned actions could end up hurting them further.