Lorry Driver Snags Bridge And Causes It To Collapse

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a bungling lorry driver’s load catches on a footbridge and brings it crashing down onto the road, nearly crushing the driver of a white car.

The incident took place on Qiutaobei Road in the city of Hangzhou in the south-eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang when the lorry was transporting a large tunnelling shield used during the excavation of tunnels.

CCTV footage shows the pedestrian bridge, which had just been repaired nine months after it first opened, crashing down after the lorry’s load rammed into it.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The huge structure is seen nearly hitting the driver of a white car, who brakes and hesitates before finally accelerating clear of the bridge.

According to reports, the emergency services arrived on the scene five minutes later and confirmed that no one was injured.

It took them eight hours to clean up the road and the footbridge sections were moved so that the traffic could resume.

Transport official Mr. Hu said: “We do daily cleaning for [the] bridge and check [it] every year. The crashed part of the bridge won’t affect the other parts.”

One local resident, identified as Mr. Wang, told local media: “I live on the third floor. I heard a sound louder than a tyre explosion.”

According to local media, the lorry driver Mr. Wa has been taken into police custody for questioning. He failed to report his route to the traffic police before setting off.

The probe continues.

Buli Liang

I am a freelance stringer and journalist based in China.

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