Lorry Driver Falls Asleep At Wheel And Tilts On Wheels On Either Side Before Overturning

This is the moment a lorry driver falls asleep at the wheel and swerves dramatically on the motorway, ‘skiing’ on the wheels on either side of the vehicle before crashing on its side.

The incident took place on kilometre 10.9 of the New Klang Valley Expressway in the Klang Valley region of Malaysia on the morning of Thursday, 23rd September.

Footage of the wayward lorry, filmed by a motorcyclist travelling behind it, swiftly went viral on social media, having racked up 101,000 views to date.

The footage shows how the lorry tilts on the wheels on one side – known as ‘skiing’ – before tilting onto the wheels on the other side before toppling onto its side on the asphalt.

The incident allegedly occurred because the 33-year-old male driver had fallen asleep at the wheel.

According to the police, another motorcyclist who was travelling behind the lorry suffered minor injuries when he drove into the crashed vehicle after spotting it too late.

The collision between the biker and the crashed lorry was not caught on camera.

The lorry driver, whose injuries are unclear, was subjected to a urine test, which reportedly resulted positive for methamphetamine.

He is currently being investigated by the authorities for driving a vehicle under the influence of drugs.

He was due to appear in court today (Friday, 24th September) for a decision on his preventive custody, with the verdict not yet reported.