Locals Help Poor Dad Who Saved For A Year For Teens Bday

Story By: Jonathan Macias, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/Restaurante La Estaca

These images show a teenage girl being thrown a huge birthday party after her street seller dad saved up for a year and local businesses owners pitched in to help out.

Jose Manuel Duarte Cantu, a street seller in the city of Sabinas in the Mexican state of Coahuila, saved money for a year in order to surprise his daughter Perla Yadira on her 15th birthday, known as a ‘quinceanera’ in Latin America and is similar to an American ‘sweet sixteen’ party.

Pictures Credit: CEN/Restaurante La Estaca

The father, who owns a street stall selling shaved ice and is well-known throughout the city, decorated his stall and dressed his daughter as a princess on her special day.

In the pictures, Perla can be seen wearing a pink gown and in his father shaved ice trolley with Duarte Cantu pushing it behind her.

Pictures Credit: CEN/Restaurante La Estaca

She told local media: “It was my father’s dream to bring me here on the tricycle. And yes, I liked the idea. At first, I thought ‘are you kidding me?’ And then I said yes.”

According to local media, neighbours and local businesses reacted enthusiastically when they saw them in the streets with her dressed as a princess and they posted pictures on social media which were quickly shared.

Pictures Credit: CEN/Restaurante La Estaca

Local media report that the loving dad saved up for a whole year to afford the birthday bash. Local residents and businesses then reportedly started to offer to help with the birthday celebration.

In the video the girl can be seen in a restaurant called “Restaurante La Estaca”, arriving in her pink gown and celebrating with her family and friends while she dances to mariachi music.

Also, a local tacos restaurant called “Taqueria El Cochiloco” offered the girl and her family dinner for 60 people and a travel agency called “Marbe Tours” offered a trip to the beach for the whole family.

The pictures show the moving moment when Perla and her father danced together and hugged when they finished. The girl can also be seen posing on the Sabinas Firefighters fire engine.

Father Cantu told local reporters: “She is my only daughter and I want to give her something, to see her moving forward and let all her dreams come true.”

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