Dad Teaches Toddler Son To Disinfect His Hands

Story By:  Ana MarjanovicSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

CEN/Darrin Mills

This is the cute moment a father staying home during the coronavirus lockdown is teaching his son how to properly disinfect his hands.

Dad Darrin Mills told CEN that the footage showed his 19-month-old toddler Harlen while they were practising at their home in Bali in Indonesia on the basics of hand hygiene.

He then shared on social media to encourage others to start kids young on keeping their hands free from germs and viruses.

In the video, the boy looks pretty excited by the new game, and is keen to be the one taking control a consul tries to take away the sanitizer bottle.

But his father keeps control and instead gives him instruction on how do properly use it as the boy carefully spreads the hand sanitizer on his tiny hands

Acording to his father Darrin, the condition in Bali Indonesia are good as people got on with their lives while waiting for quarantined to end.

CEN/Darrin Mills

He told CEN: “Yes, lots of places are shut down but in general we still have freedom.”

Acording to the Johns Hopkins University results in Indonesia 5,136 are infected whity the COVID-19 virus and the country has 469 related deaths.

In Bali, there have been confirmed 98 infected people whit only 2 deaths

Whit the health organization constantly remaining people around the world that the most important step in protecting your self and those around with social distancing and making sure that your hands are clean at all times.

This is why even the babies and toddlers need to be remainder of this process constantly and properly trained and engorged to clean there hands and use hand sanitizers to keep there hands clean at all times.