Little Boy, 7, Died Protecting Mum As Hubby Shot At Her

A Brazilian cop has revealed that he cried when saw that a bullet-riddled seven-year-old boy had thrown himself on his mother to protect her while her husband shot at her.

Aline Aparecida Perez Gomes, age not reported, and her young son Davi Luiz Perez Arcanjo were killed at their home in the municipality of Ponta Pora in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul.

The main suspect is Maurilio Arcanjo, 62, Aline’s husband and Davi’s father.

The victims Aline Aparecida Perez Gomes (left) and 7-year old Davi Luiz Perez Arcanjo (right), who were murdered in Brazil. (Newsflash)

He reportedly attempted suicide after killing his family and is currently in hospital.

The first police officer on the scene, who wished to remain anonymous, admitted that he cried when he saw the murdered victims.

He said he found the boy with his arms over his mother’s body and the police believe he threw himself in front of her to protect her when his father was shooting.

Maurilio Arcanjo (62) died in hospital on 6th Of December 2021 in Ponta Pora in Brazil, after murdering his wife and 7-year old son. (Newsflash)

The officer added: “We are used to seeing strong scenes of murders and executions, but seeing a seven-year-old boy jump to protect his mother and end up dying on top of her moves any father of a family.”

According to local reports, the police found the suspect still alive and lying on the balcony in a pool of blood with a .38-caliber revolver by his side.

The suspected killer had been shot three times in the abdomen and chest and remains in hospital undergoing treatment.

The crime scene in Brazil after Maurilio Arcanjo killed his wife Aline Aparecida Perez Gomes and 7-year old son Davi Luiz Perez Arcanjo. (Newsflash)

The police found the dead bodies of Aline and Davi on a double bed in one of the bedrooms.

Bullet casings were found on the bed beside the boy’s body as well as a box of ammunition.

The police believe the suspect reloaded the gun after killing his wife and son and then attempted suicide.

The victim Aline Aparecida Perez Gomes who was murdered with her 7-year old son in Brazil. (Newsflash)

There was also a trail of blood from the bedroom to the balcony, indicating that he shot himself next to his family’s dead bodies before dragging himself to where he was found.

Neighbours told the police that the couple argued constantly and heard the gunshots before noticing the suspect lying on the balcony.

The police said Aline was shot five times in the chest while her son was hit in the chest by two bullets fired at close range due to the remnants of burns on the skin around the bullet wounds.

The victim Aline Aparecida Perez Gomes who was murdered with her 7-year old son in Brazil. (Newsflash)

Minutes after killing his wife and son, the suspect reportedly sent an audio message to a friend.

Local media reported that the suspect spoke in a calm tone when he said: “I just killed Aline and I killed Davi, now I’m going to kill myself. I’ll leave the gate open and then you come here to take the necessary measures and call the police, okay? That’s all I have to warn you about, okay?”

The investigation continues.