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Last McDs Burger Is 10 Years Old And Still Not Mouldy

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Iceland’s last McDonald’s burger has just turned 10 years old after it was bought in 2009 just before the fast food giant left the country and it is still not mouldy.

Hjortur Smarason bought the burger and fries on 31st October 2009, just a few days before McDonald’s left Iceland, which had been badly hit by the financial crisis.

He then kept them in a plastic bag for three years, to preserve the “historical artefacts”.

Picture Credit:CEN

After that, he donated the burger and fries to the National Museum of Iceland before it was moved to the Reykjavík Bus Hostel.

These days, what may be the country’s last burger and fries from the fast food giant reside at the Snotra House in Hella.

There is a live feed cam that streams continuous footage of the burger and the fries not decaying.

Picture Credit:CEN

Iceland is currently one of the the few countries in the world not blessed with the presence of the world’s most iconic fast food chain.

Explaining his purchase, Mr Smarason said: “I realised it was a historic occasion and decided to buy the last burger on sale in October 2009.”

He added: “I regard it as a historical item now. I think it’s incredible that it seems to show no signs of decomposition.”

The burger last made headlines in 2015 shortly after its 6th ‘birthday’.

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