LASSOED: Cowboys Catch Bison Just Like In The Old West After It Escaped From Vet’s

This is the moment a couple of horse-riding cowboys whip out their lassos to catch an escaped bison that had fled from a vet’s.

Newsflash obtained the footage from the Belton City Government, along with a statement in which officials thanked the riders for their help in chasing the animal down the streets of the city of Belton, in the US state of Texas.

“That’s right, a bison was on the loose in Belton today!” the statement said.

The bison reportedly escaped from a veterinarian’s office near the downtown area of the city.

Animal control reached out to local cowboys and veterinarians for help capturing the large animal.

Cowboys help capture loose bison in Texas city, Texas, USA. (Belton, Texas – City Government/Newsflash)

In the footage, the cowboys can be seen chasing the bison up to a fenced-off area and attempting to rope it in with a lasso.

The animal was reportedly shot with tranquillisers multiple times before it was finally captured. It was then returned to its owner.

Nobody was hurt and the bison is doing well, the city officials said.