Largest Underground Cannabis Plantation Busted In Spain

Story By: Pol F, Sub-Editor: Joe Golder, Agency: Newsflash

Spanish police investigating reports of a cannabis farm stumbled across the largest illegal subterranean cannabis plantation they have ever found hidden underneath a tiny hut.


The plantation was found Hidden in a 300 square meter (3229 feet) underground facility located on a farm in Cerro de los Palos, in the province of Toledo, located in Central Spain, on 5th October.

The den in which the illegal cultivation was hidden was dug four meters deep on a farm owned by one of the detainees, as reported in the statement obtained by Newsflash.

In the video it can be seen how police approach what seems to be a little hut.


Once they descend down the stairs, they stumble across a sophisticated laboratory with 1,022 cannabis plants.

The installation had a ventilation system and it comprised area of approximately 300 square meter (3229 feet).

At the beginning of September, parallel investigations that were being carried out in nearby areas revealed the possible existence of a new crop that had been installed in Toledo in August.


Since then, the National Police carried out a close collaboration that allowed confirming the suspicions on the ground.

Thus, in just twenty days, the investigators located the exact place where the illegal crop was hidden.

At first glance there was nothing on the farm that made the existence of the crop evident.


There wasn’t any construction that could house it, but the agents detected a strong and characteristic smell.

Police found indications that work had been carried out on the land, which led them to the conviction that the crop was underground.

The laboratory obtained the electrical energy to function, at full capacity, through two illegal connections to the public network.


In a second room they were installing the necessary infrastructure to expand the laboratory connecting it with another exit.

The registry surprised three members of the family clan of Romanian origin, who were working on the plantation.

The fourth arrested arrived at the farm minutes later, aboard a yellow van, which would link them to other criminal acts.


As a result of the discovery, four men, one of them a minor, were arrested as alleged perpetrators of the crimes of drug trafficking and fraud of electricity.

Had it continued with its illicit activity, this laboratory would have provided a harvest ranging between 150 and 200 kilograms (330 and 440 pounds) of marijuana buds.

During the search, trees, accessories and garden furniture were found on the farm, as well as parts of a vehicle that were stolen between 5th and 11th July from a nursery in Toledo.


The business owner reported that, they had accessed the nursery facilities and had stolen 500 trees, flowerpots, stone tables and benches, a fountain and various garden accessories, all valued at EUR 15,000 (GBP 13,610) .

The owner of the van has been charged with three crimes of robbery with force, and who may have participated with him in the commission of these thefts is being investigated.

As for the stolen objects, most of them were recovered by the National Police, and delivered to their rightful owner.

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