LANDING STRIP: Half-Naked Woman Passenger Punched Air Hostess In Face

A plane passenger who punched a flight attendant in the face and then stripped half naked has been seized by police in India.

The passenger – flying from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai on 30th January – is said to have hit the hostess so hard she split her lip.

Picture shows Paola Perruccio detained at the airport in Mumbia, India, Monday, Jan. 30, 2023. The pilot had to order his team to restrain the woman from economy when she tried to sit in business class, punched one of the crew members and walked around semi-naked down the aisle. (Newsflash)

Then – reported local media – she began taking her clothes off and walked down the aisle before flight staff could stop her.

The mid-air bust-up on Vistara flight 256 started when Paola Perruccio left her economy class seat and walked up the plane to sit in business class.

When an air hostess questioned her about it, witnesses say she punched her, and when another cabin crew member intervened, they were spat on.

Apparently-drunk Perruccio, 46, then allegedly stripped half naked and started marching down the aisle.

The flight captain ordered her to be restrained for the rest of the journey.

Cabin crew members then overpowered her and tied her to a seat in the back of the plane.

She continued hurling abuse at them for the remainder of the flight, according to reports.

When the plane touched down in Mumbai, Perruccio was taken away by security and given a medical examination.

A picture of her on a bus heading for the terminal shows her apparently grinning widely.

She was booked by Mumbai Police, who seized her passport and later released her on bail.

A source told local media: “There was no remorse on her face even after she was ordered to be restrained by the pilot.”

Flight operator Vistara said in a statement: “No other passenger was hurt in any way and the airline crew handled it in a professional manner.

“The police, too, immediately booked the passenger after learning the details of the matter.”