KNOCKOUT ROUND: Goalie In Coma After Cracking Skull In Clash Of Heads

This is the horrific moment two football players bang heads mid-air, cracking the goalie’s skull.

The disturbing footage shows how Aykut Demirdelen – keeper for amateur Turkish side Caycumaspor – falls to the turf unconscious after taking the knock to the head.

The horror collision happened while both players were chasing the ball in the 50th minute of the clash against rivals Akinspor in Karadeniz Eregli, Zonguldak Province, on 27th November.

Demirdelen – who was quickly surrounded by officials after his fall – was found to have sustained two cracks to the skull, as well as bleeding on the brain.

The footage shows how his horrified teammates looked on distraught as he was stretchered off the field before being taken to hospital.

Caycumaspor Club President Enes Eser said: “Our brother suffered an unfortunate injury today.

Aykut Demirdelen, the goalkeeper of Caycuma Football Club, poses in an undated photo. He collided with a player and suffered from brain bleeding during a match in Zonguldak, Turkey, Sunday, Nov. 27, 2022. (@aykut.demirdelen/CEN)

“We faced a situation we did not want as a result of a head collision between two players, he received a heavy blow to the back of the head, and this is how he suffered the trauma.

“I think when he got that blow, he lost consciousness and fell down and cracked his skull.”

As per the latest update, Demirdelen’s bleeding had stopped and the swelling in his brain had decreased.

However, as per the most-recent update, his condition remains serious and he has been placed in an induced coma in the ICU of the private Echomar Hospital, outside which Caycumaspor fans have been congregating to show their support.

Demirdelen’s treatment continues.