Knifeman Acquitted After Claiming Gay Man Fell On Blade

Story By: Anastasia SmirnovaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

CEN/Katya Kutuzova

This is the moment a knifeman appears to repeatedly stab a gay man while yelling “queer b*stards” before being acquitted of murder by a Russian jury after claiming the victim ‘fell’ on his blade.

According to local media, Anton Berezhnoy was charged with the murder of homosexual Roman Edalov at Kursk railway station in the western Russian capital Moscow on 29th June 2019.

Reports said that Berezhnoy was accused of attacking the victim and his friend Evgeniy Efimov.

CEN/Katya Kutuzova

During the attack, Berezhnoy was reportedly heard shouting homophobic slurs at the men.

Efimov said: “He shouted ‘queer b*stards’ and there was a lot of aggression.”

Efimov sustained minor injuries in the incident, but his friend Edalov was reportedly killed while trying to protect him from the aggressor.

CEN/Katya Kutuzova

Local media said the police opened two criminal cases against Berezhnoy, one for homicide and another for assault.

During the hearing, Berezhnoy said that he did not plan to kill the victim, adding: “He fell on the knife.”

His explanation apparently convinced the jury and Berezhnoy was acquitted of murder, according to reports.

He was sentenced to one year and 11 months in prison for assault, but was freed from court for time already served in custody since Edalov’s death, according to local media.

Reports said that prosecutors plan to appeal the decision.

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