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Klum Dad Sues Topmodel Winner To Claim Her Playboy Cash

Story By: James KingSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

This stunning winner of Germany’s Next Topmodel has been told to pay the fee she earned for a lucrative Playboy shoot to Heidi Klum’s family after claiming she was pressured into signing up with them.

Simone Kowalski, 23, won the 14th edition of Germany’s Next Topmodel last year, winning a cash prize of EUR 100,000.

She also had to sign up with the modelling agency ONEeins Management, run by Heidi Klum’s father Gunther.


Models have complained in the past that they are forced to sign the contract in order to stay on the show, and do not want to miss out on the opportunity so agree in advance.

They also complained about Klum’s dad, saying he was very difficult to work with and failed to provide them with enough work. (https://bit.ly/3n8qjDr)

However, when Simone decided to sign her own deal with Playboy, Heidi’s dad took her to court, saying that she was still contracted to his company.


The model said that it was clear early on that their business relationship was not going to work after she suffered psychological problems, and made it clear that she no longer wanted to remain with them.

However, the lawyers for the Klum company said that this was simply not legally relevant and the cancellation of the contract was not valid.

In tears, she told the court: “I suffered massive psychological and physical damage which I took with me away from the show. Behind the scenes, I was forced to sign this contract.”


However, Gunther Klum said: “Our models have enough time to think about what they are doing when they are given the contract. And of course, while they are working for us we make sure we check on their health.”

In the end, the pair agreed to a deal where the model remained with the agency until the end of November, which means all the money she earned until then will have to go to the Klum family firm.

Meanwhile, any unpaid wages during that time from her monthly EUR 6,000 gross payment will need to be transferred to the model.


The agency said they plan to donate the model’s Playboy fee to a children’s hospice. The amount was not revealed.

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