Kind Cops Visit Young Girl Petrified Of Being Arrested If Shes Bad

Story By: Georgina JadikovskaSub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

Kindhearted German cops have helped a mother out after she informed that her young daughter was petrified of being arrested by the police and thrown in the clink if she misbehaved.

Little Maxime was scared by the idea of police officers arresting her and was terrified whenever she spotted a local cop on the street, worried she might be seized and taken off to jail.

It is unclear who told the little girl that the punishment for being naughty was police custody, but the mum contacted the cops to put the record straight.

Polizei Oberbayern Sued/Newsflash

She was able to speak to sympathetic officers Jan and Hans from the Penzberg and Bad Tolz police departments who then paid the family a visit.

The young girl, initially very scared, was coaxed out of her shell with a chance to look at the police car outside, and was surprised to find a little red dinosaur in the boot, exactly the toy that she had been nagging her mother about for a while.

When the kindhearted officers told her that she could keep it, she suddenly lost her fear of the police and embraced the experience, even agreeing to take a drive in the patrol car without being worried she was going to end up in jail.

The officers pointed out that they do not take away children who misbehave, don’t finish their dinners, and fail to tidy their rooms. However, they mentioned that it is always best to be good for their parents.

On a more serious note on their Facebook page, the police advised parents: “Please don’t say this to children. Children should come to us when they are afraid, not fear us.”

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