Kind Boy Gives Lottery Money To Elderly Street Seller

Story ByAna LacasaSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News 

This kind boy has received hundreds of thousands of ‘likes’ after he helped an elderly street seller by giving him his lottery winnings and buying him some dinner.

The incident took place on 5th December in the city of Iruapan, in the western Mexican state of Michoacan. The boy’s mother Karen Espinosa, says they were having dinner when an elderly man came into the restaurant where they were eating to sell sweets.

Picture Credit CEN/@karen.espinosamelgarejo

Reportedly unable to sell any sweets, the man sat down at a table to rest a bit. She said: “He must be very tired, I guess, of walking around working the whole day”.

Her eight-year-old son Adalid then reportedly stood up and walked up to the man to give him 40 MXN (1.57 GBP) which he had won on the Mexican lottery.

The boy returned to his mother but was reportedly still worried and found another 29 MXN (1.14 GBP) in his pockets which he then gave to the man.

Picture Credit CEN/@karen.espinosamelgarejo

The street seller, whose name has not been reported, reportedly bought himself a taco for dinner with the kind boy’s cash donation.

Adalid said to local media that he spotted how desperately the man ate the taco and asked his mum to buy him more food.

“He approached him and asked him how he wanted the tacos, and he ordered them with the waiter and was very concerned the tacos be brought quickly. Suddenly, he started to cry and I asked him why, and he told me “look mum, he is having dinner so happily”, the mum commented on social media.

Picture Credit CEN/@karen.espinosamelgarejo

The pictures have received over 244,000 likes and 118,000 shares on social media.

‘Annadat Michell Jimenez Farias’ commented: “What a beautiful thing life gives us”.

The kindhearted boy told reporters he wants to grow up to be a doctor and would like to specialise in helping the elderly.

He added that elderly people having to work as sellers is “very bad because they should be resting, they have already worked before”.

He said he would like to see the seller again and asking him how he is doing, so he is trying to find him again.

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