Kennel Owner Leaves Dog To Die In Car Boot For 2 Hours

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Video Credit: CEN/@damian.k.asato

This is the moment a kennel owner desperately tries to revive her client’s dying Labrador after apparently leaving the dog in her car boot in the searing heat for over two hours.

The incident took place in the area of Flores in the eastern Argentine capital Buenos Aires when the black Labrador Retriever called Dominga was reportedly left in the car for over two hours in 45-degree-Celsius temperatures.

According to local media, Dominga’s owner Mariana Fernandez had left the dog with the owner of a local kennel, identified as Leticia Negri, for one month.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/@damian.k.asato & CEN

Fernandez told reporters: “I thought their field would be a good option for Dominga to run around and be happy while my daughter and I went away.”

However, when she returned she learned that her dog had died of heatstroke because Negri had allegedly left Dominga in her car boot for over two hours without any ventilation.

According to local media, Negri said that the dog was only in her car boot for about 10 minutes while she was dropping off another pet.

However, bystanders filmed the woman trying to reanimate the dog with water and claimed that it had been left there for much longer.

An autopsy also confirmed that Dominga had died from heatstroke and the case was forwarded to the public prosecutor’s office, according to reports.

Fernandez said: “Negri should pay, she is a murderer. She should go to prison. My daughter and I are deeply affected. Dominga was our life, our heart and she took her from us through negligence.

“Nobody can bring Dominga back to life, we are both dead inside.”

The distraught dog owner is also organising a demonstration to demand justice, according to reports.

The investigation continues.

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