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Ken Doll Wants Fame To Win Back Parents Who Ditched Him

Story By:  Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Central European News

This teenager whose parents abandoned him as a boy has revealed that he has based his look on a Ken doll and is determined to become a star so his mum and dad will want to see him again.

Danila Frantsev, from the town of Maslyanino in the district of Maslyaninsky in the western Russian region of Novosibirsk Oblast, was reportedly abandoned by his father right after birth.

His mother Natalya Frantseva raised him until he was eight years old, but then wanted to put him in a care home because she could no longer afford to feed or take care of him.


In the end, his mother’s sister agreed to raise the child, however he has rarely seen his mum since, according to the teen.

When he was 14 years old, he saw Russian singer Nikolay Baskov, 43, on TV and fell in love with his style and music.

He also likes the clean-cut image of Ken doll and he bases his look on the toy despite suffering bullying in his home town.


However, the 19-year-old celebrity wannabe vowed that he will stand his ground until he becomes famous and wins back his parents.

Danila told local media: “Change is important for me. I like to play with my image in public.”

He added: “I simply cannot live without attention.”


Danila said that he has a younger half-brother living with his mum, but she does not let them have a relationship because of the way he looks and his use of makeup.

He told local media: “I hope I become famous one day and my dad will want to see me and will come back so we can always be together.

“I also hope my mum realises that she was wrong and we can reunite as well.”

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