Jewellery Buff To Lose Finger After Wearing 53 Rings


Story By: John FengSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire

This man obsessed with finger jewellery – who wore 53 rings on his digits – now faces having his little finger amputated after the ornaments became stuck and destroyed tissue.

Rescue footage from the county of Xuan’en in Central China’s Hubei Province shows firefighters finding the hapless man with over four dozen rings of various types lodged on eight fingers on two hands.

The fire service was called on 4th July after the man found himself unable to remove the rings from his left little finger, which had turned a hue of dark purple due to prolonged pressure from the jewellery.

A county fireman said: “It was not a straightforward ring removal like we thought it would be.

“His fingers were full of metal rings, plastic rings and rubber bands.

“His rings had grown into his little finger. They were thick and difficult to remove, so we used an angle grinder to wear them down a bit before removing them with pliers.

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Picture Credit: AsiaWire

“We removed what we could from his right hand, which was not as serious, but we lacked the necessary medical equipment to continue, so we turned to the hospital.”

The rescue operation continued at Xuan’en People’s Hospital, where doctors anaesthetised the patient before cutting into his flesh to remove the rings.

All 53 items of finger jewellery were removed after four hours.

The patient’s doctor said: “Because the rings were stuck there for a long time, his little finger is now necrotic and his ring finger is badly swollen.

“He will need follow-up treatment to prevent infections, but his little finger has already turned black and is necrotic, so we may need to amputate it.

The man did not explain why he enjoyed wearing rings so much.

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