JENGA MASTER: Skilled Worker Single-Handedly Moves 20 Layers Of Foam Boards

This footage shows a skilled and experienced warehouse worker carrying a tall stack of 20 foam boxes in his hand as he moves them with ease from one spot to another.

The worker, Mr Zhang, was filmed at his job in a warehouse in the city of Dongying, in the eastern Chinese province of Shandong.

The footage shows Mr Zhang carrying over 20 swaying, shaky layers of foam boxes in videos that some compared to the popular game Jenga, where players have to move wooden blocks without them falling over.

But Mr Zhang does not seem to be in a panic at all, as he swiftly picks up and moves around the tall stacks from one place to another.

After counting the number, he removes the extra layers and steadily loads the foam boxes onto a truck.

Mr Zhang told local media that he has been in this industry for eight years, and he can handle up to 26 layers of foam boxes at a time.

The foam is very light and it looks easy to manage, but it is actually difficult to control, Mr Zhang said.

Worker skilfully carries over 20 layers of foam boxes in Dongying, Shandong in China, undated. He has been working in foam boxes for 8 years and can handle 26-layer foam boxes at most once. (baqiliangzai55/AsiaWire)

Mr Zhang has shared videos of himself mastering the difficult task on Douyin – the Chinese version of TikTok – and many netizens have been amazed at watching him work.

One user, ‘ Wei family fairy’ wrote: “This is a master.”

And ‘Live to live wonderfully (boutique mother)’ said: “Great guy, give you a thumbs up!”