JEALOUS FIANCEE TORTURE TRIAL: Sick Pair Used Batons, Brooms And Scissors To Abuse Victim

A woman falsely accused of having an affair with her boss was subjected to horrific sexual torture by his fiancee, a court in Turkey has heard.

Demet A., (pictured) who was allegedly tortured by three people in Konya, Turkey, was pictured after the incident. (Newsflash)

Victim Demet Aydin, 21, was lured to a flat near Ankara by her former employee Murat Demicri, 41, where he is accused of handing her over to his fiancee Sara Demir, 24, and a friend.

What followed, the court heard, were hours of agonising abuse where terrified Demet was tied up, burned with cigarettes and beaten repeatedly with wooden batons.

The pair are said to have filmed the shocking torture session and even threatened to bring men to the apartment to gang rape her.

At one point, according to the victim, Demir threatened to sexually abuse her with one of the batons she and her friend Tugba Demirci, 22, had used to beat her.

Murat Demirci, (pictured) allegedly tortured Demet A. in Konya, Turkey. (Newsflash)

Demet told the court: “The accused Sara wanted to stick a baton into my genitals.

“But they gave up saying, ‘We’re going to get into trouble’.

“Then the accused Sara broke the mop stick. She gave a part of it to the accused Tugba. They both hit me with these sticks.”

Demet said Demir and her friend had attacked her on 8th April because they believed she had had an affair with boss Demirci.

But she insisted: “We went to a flat. Defendant Sara sent Murat downstairs and told him to keep a lookout.

“After Murat left, they locked the door. Tugba and Sara tied me with a blue and white rope. Sara asked about my relationship with Murat.

“I said that Murat hit on me, but I did not accept it. She didn’t believe me. In the meantime, I was struggling to get free.”

She went on: “During the time I was working, the accused Murat drove me home two to three times.

Demet A., (pictured) who was allegedly tortured by three people in Konya, Turkey, was pictured after the incident. (Newsflash)

“He had said that he was engaged to Sara and that he wanted to break up, that he wanted to be with me.

“But I did not accept Murat’s request. There was no love or sex between us. I just had some confusion. That’s why I left Murat’s workplace.”

During the torture, said prosecutors, the kidnappers hacked off her hair and cut up her clothes and stuffed them in her mouth so she could not scream for help.

Demet managed to escape hours later and first went to a local hospital for treatment and then to the police station to file a report.

She told local media at the time: “They made me suffer things I will never forget. They stripped me naked and filmed everything.

1The marks on the body of Demet A., who was allegedly tortured by three people in Konya, Turkey. (Newsflash)

“They said they would call men to the house to let them rape me. They sexually abused me. I can’t forget the horror I experienced.”

All three accused appeared before a judge for the second time on 7th November to answer for the alleged abuse said to have taken place on 8th April.

The Konya Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office has accused Murat Demirci, Sara Demir and Tugba Demirci of deprivation of liberty, violating the privacy of communication, insult, violating the privacy of private life, intentional injury, and deprivation of liberty by using force, threat or deception.

The prosecutor has called for the trio to be jailed for up to 41 years for the crimes of “harming” and “looting with weapons by more than one person”.

The marks on the face of Demet A., who was allegedly tortured by three people in Konya, Turkey. (Newsflash)

Murat Demirci contests the charges against him, claiming he did not know what the two women were going to do to Demet, saying he thought they were just going to talk it out.

He said: “I left them alone to talk and went downstairs.”

Sara Demir, meanwhile, has said that she too contests the accusations, saying: “I do not accept the statements of the complainant. I demand my release.”

Sara Demir, (pictured) allegedly tortured Demet A. in Konya, Turkey. (Newsflash)

And Tugba Demirci claimed: “I do not know Demet. I had known Sara for six days. I do not engage in such activities with a person I have known for six days. I do not accept the accusations.”

She added: “I demand my release.”

The trial is ongoing.