Japanese Firm Takes Giant Leap To Make First Ever S3x Toy For Space

Story By: Lisa-Maria Goertz, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

A Japanese company which specialises in masturbation aids has taken “one giant leap” to make the first-ever sex toy for use in outer space.

The company Tenga, which is a sexual wellness company based in Japan, announced its ‘Tenga Rocket Project’ in cooperation with Japanese space development startup Interstellar Technologies (IST) in an official press release on 26th January.

The statement details how the company, Japan’s leading manufacturer of male masturbatory aids, will fund the launch of IST’s ballistic observation rocket MOMO on three space missions with the slogan “We want to shout love and peace from space.”


One of the missions will send a cup-shaped tracking device to collect data about conditions in space to help them develop a masturbation aid.

The press release details how the idea for the sex toy came about during talks which touched upon sexuality in space and how they could help people who live and work there for long periods of time.

Tenga president and CEO Koichi Matsumoto said that the tests with the rocket will be “a small first step”, but that all progress in space began with “one small step”, adding that they also hope their project will highlight humanity’s natural sexual desires.


The other space missions during the campaign are the ‘Tenga Message Pod’ containing 1,000 messages from supporters of their crowdfunding campaign, and the ‘Space Tenga Robo’ with his partner mascot ‘Egg Dog’ which will also be propelled into space.

Interstellar Technologies Founder Takafumi Horie also spoke at the press conference saying that they hoped to make space more accessible and their collaboration with Tenga is a way people can “have fun with space”.

The launch is expected to take place sometime this summer.

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