James Rodriguez WAGs Slams Surrogacy Critics

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Picture Credit: Golders/@shadelima

James Rodriquez’s stunning WAG has slammed netizens criticising her for not becoming pregnant to protect her modelling career after their son was born through surrogacy.

Colombian international Rodriguez’s model WAG Shannon de Lima, 31, has broken her silence after the recent announcement of the couple’s first child together simply known as Samuel.

Local media report Samuel was conceived through surrogacy and despite the couple receiving many congratulatory messages through postings on their social media, they have not all been positive.

Most notably ‘maleja9_9’ wrote: “She was so beautiful and you let me down, Sasha. I am not following you any more.

“How could you not have your own baby… just to model. Your figure is the fastest thing to recover and it is even truer for you that has the means to do it.

“The boy’s terrible sadness. Melina Ramirez is three times as beautiful as she is and she had her baby, did exercise and is back to modelling.”

Picture Credit: Golders/@shadelima

Melina Ramirez is a popular Colombian model and actress.

De Lima apparently could not keep her silence as she responded to the comment referring to the netizen and to other critics of the couple’s decision saying: “You just write and judge?

“Like everyone here, without knowing absolutely anything about the lives of people, without knowing if they hurt, the reason why or the truth.

“That is why the world is so rotten. I hope people have the common sense and the brain and stop commenting things that make no sense…

“Everything in life can be understood if it were for respect. RESPECT, SOMETHING THAT IS TOO MUCH TO ASK FROM SOME PEOPLE! Thanks anyway for your comment, I RESPECT you!

“What sadness? I do not know who has that sadness because I do not see it in us. Just live happily!

“I understand a day of gossiping, okay cool, but enough, there are more interesting things in the world than our lives… Look for them and judge your own lives. And be better people. Best.”

Picture Credit: Golders/@jamesrodriguez10

Her response received praise by followers with ‘lady2815’ saying “That’s right!”

‘colicor’ wrote: “Well I just applaud, I would love to have a baby with James even if it were borrowed. I love you both and enjoy your baby! Everything else does not matter. People will always be unhappy. Blessings to your little family.”

‘damarisnell’ said: “Excellent response.”

Both Rodriguez and de Lima have one other child from previous relationships but Samuel is their first together.

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