Italy Legend Zenga In Sexism Scandal Amid Divorce

Story By: Sara Zhivkova, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

Italian goalkeeping legend Walter Zenga has become embroiled in a sexism scandal after announcing the divorce of his third wife after 15 years and two children together.

In a social post which was later removed, Zenga, former Italy number one and football manager, announced that he was divorcing his third wife, Romanian stunner Raluca Rebedea, 38.

The ex-Wolverhampton Wanderers boss said: “The freedom I have always given her has somehow turned against us.”


This comment left a bitter taste in the mouths’ of many netizens as it appeared to suggest that giving women too much freedom can lead to problems.

Following an online backlash, the 60-year-old ex-Inter Milan goalkeeper hit back, saying: “You don’t understand anything.

“To all of you who have judged without knowing everything, to all of you who spout bullsh*t on TV, on the internet, on your sites, you who would sell your soul just to get more followers, to all of you, you do not know anything.”


Zenga, who obtained Romanian citizenship in 2012, added: “The ‘freedom I gave her’ was a choice on whether to follow me with the children or not, clear? Now, all of you go to you-know-where.”

Zenga, 60, and Raluca, 38, had two children together, Samira, born in 2009, and Walter Jr, born in 2012.

Zenga said in a post since deleted: “My wife Raluca and I have not been a couple for some time, unfortunately, relations between us have cooled.


“Because of the distanced involved with my commitments as a manager, and because I no longer recognise the woman who was next to me for 14 years of marriage.

“My wife has changed radically. She has decided to take another path which she will have to walk alone from now on.”

Zenga confirmed he has already filed for divorce in a Dubai court, but refused to give more details out of respect for his children.

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