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Italy COVID Dr Who Branded Masks Useless Tests Positive

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An Italian doctor who claimed that face masks are useless and only fit for “intimate hygiene” has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Doctor Domenico Pone, who has been admitted to the Hospital Umbeto Parini of Aosta in the city of Aosta located in Aosta Valley, a bilingual region in the Italian Alps, made the claim on Facebook.

Apparently angry over being ordered to wear face masks at work, he said: “For those of you who had this brilliant idea, you signed our death sentence, taking advantage of our duty, sense and passion. You can use them for your own intimate hygiene, I prefer to work without them.”


A few days after his Facebook rant, Doctor Pone was reportedly diagnosed with COVID-19.

Following his outburst, the doctor, who is a urologist, apologised for speaking out against the public health administration and said his comments had tarnished the medical profession, according to local media.

He also called his remarks a “moment of madness” and praised the work of medical professionals in the Aosta region.

According to reports, the health administration accepted the doctor’s apology and also heaped praise on the region’s hardworking emergency services.

Meanwhile, Doctor Pone remains in hospital in Aosta.

As of 25th March, Italy has reported 69,176 confirmed cases of CVID-19 and 6,820 related deaths, according to the latest data from the Johns Hopkins University.

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