Iranian Playboy Urges Spain To Reject Extradition To Punish Him For Western Lifestyle

Story By: James KingSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

Iran has reportedly fabricated human trafficking allegations against an Iranian multimillionaire living in Spain because they disapprove of his playboy lifestyle on social media.

That is the claim made by wealthy Sasha Sobhani, whose dad is the former Iranian ambassador to Venezuela.

According to local media, Sobhani is asking Spain to grant him asylum and reject the Iranian authorities’ calls to extradite him.


The millionaire playboy has been living in Spain for two years and Iran wants him extradited on charges of money laundering, running illegal gambling websites, and human trafficking.

The request was formally filed at the end of last week, prompting the Instagram influencer to urge Spanish officials to reject the request.

He claims he is living a Western lifestyle and is regarded as a bad influence on other people in Iran by the ruling elite, furious that he has attracted 2.6 million followers on Instagram where he shows off his fast cars, scantily-clad women, and even alcohol.


Sobhani added that approving the request would ensure he returned to a life of torture and added he would rather die quickly than suffer a painful death in an Iranian jail.

He told local media: “I prefer to die and be buried in Spain than suffer in a prison in Iran, however I feel that will never happen as I trust Spanish justice.”

The influencer told Spanish newspaper El Mundo that he was also a vocal critic of the Iranian hierarchy.


He added: “I am not surprised there is no way they can tolerate somebody who is the son of a person in a high position who says negative things about them. Yet as I have so many followers, they are determined to do something about it.”

He said the allegations that he ran gambling websites were ridiculous, adding that he merely had contracts to advertise some of them on other pages he runs.

The 33-year-old also said that he had not spoken to his father in years and most of his life had not even been spent in Iran.


He also rejected the suggestion that he earned his money connections to his father, saying that he is successful through hard work and has no need to live off the family’s riches.

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