IRAN HIJAB PROTESTS: ‘Women, Life, Freedom’ Design And Shot Peace Dove Pattern On Young Protester’s Tombstone

This tombstone for a young protester killed in the unrest in Iran has ‘Women, Life, Freedom’ written on it in Farsi, as well as a depiction of a peace dove multiplying into more birds after being shot with a machine gun.

Photo shows the tombstone of Javad Heydari, undated photo. He reportedly died during the protests in Iran. (Newsflash)

Javad Heydari reportedly died after being hit by a bullet in the nationwide protests in Iran and bleeding to death after he was prevented from receiving medical treatment.

The Iranian security forces who allegedly shot him refused to take him to hospital, according to independent Iranian media. He was only taken to hospital three hours later, after his family found out what had happened to him.

He was reportedly shot just fives minutes away from a hospital that could have saved his life.

Heydari reportedly died a few hours later of blood loss, after being shot in Mellat Qazvin Park, Hakkamabad Street, in the city of Qazvin, in Qazvin Province, on 22nd September.

His family have still not received an official explanation for Heydari’s death, according to reports. Independent Iranian media said he was shot from behind at close range.

Heydari was buried on 25th September, and now this beautiful tombstone will adorn his final resting place.

Javad Heydari poses in an undated photo. He reportedly died during the protests in Iran. (Newsflash)

It has ‘Women, Life, Freedom’ in Farsi on it, as well as a depiction of a bird, that appears to be a peace dove, being shot with a machine gun, with a multitude of birds flying out of it and into the sky instead of drops of blood.

Iranian forces have been cracking down on waves of civil disorder following the death of Mahsa Amini, 22, from Saqqez, Kurdistan Province, who was on a visit to Tehran when she was arrested by morality police, accused of violating hijab rules on 13th September.

She was allegedly beaten while in custody and spent the following days in a coma in the hospital before succumbing in the ICU on 16th September.

The clinic where she was treated said in a now-deleted social media post that she had been admitted brain-dead.

Alleged medical scans of her skull leaked by hackers showed that she had suffered bone fractures, haemorrhages, and brain oedema.

Independent Iranian media have claimed that Mahsa’s medical records showing her history of heart disease were faked by the Iranian government.

Numbers differ regarding how many people have been killed since the protests began.

The ongoing protests have so far claimed the lives of at least 336 people and injured at least 1,160, according to independent estimates.

It is understood that over 12,500 people have so far been arrested.