IRAN HIJAB PROTESTS: Videos Of Tragic Beauty Hadis Najafi Gunned Down By Security Forces

This is Iranian Hadis Najafi dancing for the camera for a clip recorded before she was shot dead by security forces during anti-regime protests in her home city.

According to eyewitness accounts, 20-year-old Hadis – from Karaj, Alborz Province – was shot at least six times – in the face, hand, neck, abdomen, and heart.

The brutal slaying is alleged to have taken place at the hands of security police at an anti-regime demonstration on 21st September.

Regime officials claimed she was shot by other protesters. Her official cause of death was given as a ‘swelling of the brain’.

But Hadis’s relatives have told how they were pressured to say she had died of a heart attack or of natural causes.

Hadis was buried in Behesht-e Sakineh Cemetery near Karaj on 1st October under the watchful eye of security police.

She left behind three older sisters, a younger brother, and her parents – who hailed from Mianeh, East Azerbaijan Province.

The family’s ethnic background is Iranian Azerbaijani. Iranian ethnic minorities are said to have disproportionately suffered from state repression.

Hadis had a diploma in fashion design and worked as a cashier at a restaurant in her home city.

She was an avid user of social media, shown in three clips which have emerged since her death.

In one, her hijab-free blonde hair hangs down as she dances wearing a baggy T-shirt and shorts.

Hadis Najafi dances to music in an undated video. Hadis Najafi allegedly died after being shot six times by security forces in Karaj, Iran. (@hadisnajafi78/CEN )

Another shows her miming along to a song as she wears a crop top and sweatpants.

The third shows her dancing with a figure-hugging black top that exposes her waist.

The protests that erupted across Iran on 16th September have so far claimed at least 356 lives and injured at least 1,160, according to independent estimates.