Instagrammer Stabs Passer-By After Dinner Row With Wife

Story By: John FengSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report



This footage shows a young Instagram vlogger fatally stabbing a random passer-by on a scooter in the back before walking away with a cigarette in his mouth after arguing with his wife in the car.

The incident captured on suspect Wang Ping-hua’s dashcam took place late on 13th March after he and his wife reportedly argued over where to have dinner.

The distressing images show Mr Wang, 23, leaving his Audi which has been parked by the side of the road in Xindian District in New Taipei City in North Taiwan.


He clutches a newly purchased 8-inch kitchen knife and rams it into the back of the unsuspecting victim, tradesman Mr Lin, 33, who is seen sitting on his scooter while waiting for his sister outside a care home for the elderly where she works.

In the clip, Mr Wang is seen pulling the knife out again before returning to his car before his wife, Ms Hsu, 26, screams: “What are you doing!”

Mr Lin is seen clutching his back while struggling on the ground.


Authorities in the capital city of Taipei now attending the case say Mr Wang then drove off and “left his victim for dead”. Ms Hsu called the police, and the pair were detained 20 minutes later.

Mr Lin was taken to a local hospital for treatment but died of internal bleeding as a result of punctured organs, reports said.

Mr Wang, a vlogger on Instagram and live-streaming platform Lang Live, claimed he suffers from dissociative identity disorder. He reportedly plans to use a mental illness defence in court.


Investigators with the Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office have remanded Mr Wang in custody as a possible flight risk.

The Instagrammer who now faces murder charges told police he bought the kitchen knife “for self-defence”.

He was quoted as saying: “I thought someone was trying to kill me. I lost my mind because I had forgotten to take my medication that day.”


Speaking to local media, the victim’s father called Mr Wang “vile”, saying he hopes Taiwan’s courts gives him the “harshest punishment possible”.

Mr Wang’s social media pages, including his Instagram and Facebook accounts, have since been deleted or wiped of all content.

It is unclear if at the time of writing he had undergone a psychological evaluation.

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