Inmate Swallows Over 100 Screws And Nail Clippers

Story By:  Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Central European News

These images show the dozens of screws, nails and even a pair of nail clippers that have been removed from a Kazakh prisoner’s stomach months after he swallowed them.

This bizarre incident happened in the city of Kokhetau in northern Kazakhstan’s Aqmola Region when an unnamed convict at the EC166/55 penal colony began complaining of severe abdominal pain.

Bauyrzhan Akhmetov, the Head of the Surgical Department at the Multidisciplinary Regional Hospital, said they received a call saying the inmate, 35, was suffering from extreme pain in the abdomen along with nausea.

The inmate was taken to the hospital and an x-ray showed dozens of metal items in the man’s abdominal cavity all being held together by a magnet he had swallowed.

Dr Akhmetov said: “It turned out that we are dealing with an act of self-mutilation. The patient told us that in November 2019 he swallowed around 90 self-tapping screws and in early December he swallowed another 30 metallic items; self-tapping screws, together with little nails and even nail clippers.”

The man underwent urgent surgery to remove the items which lasted around one hour and saw 875 grams (1.92 lbs) of foreign bodies extracted from his body.

Dr Akhmetov added: “Most of the pieces were located in the convict’s stomach while some were found in his intestines. Most of the self-tapping screws could have left the man’s body in a natural way but we discovered a magnet in his stomach as well which he had swallowed and it held all the metal together.”

Local media report the operation was a success with no complications and the patient has been discharged. He is reportedly feeling better.

It is unclear why the man decided to swallow the items and harm himself.

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