Influencer Shares Pics Showing Difference With Filters

Story By: Joseph GolderSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

A popular Instagram influencer and former “Germany’s next top model” star has shared these snaps showing what she looks like all done up and using filters and what she looks like without make up or software changes.

The post that gorgeous Jana Heinisch shared with her 170,000 followers stands out from most of her pictures in that it also includes a picture of her without any make up, showing the circles under her eyes and her freckles.

German newspaper Tag24 says that Jana, 26, who lives in the capital Berlin, is passing on an important message and indeed, her post appears to be geared towards slamming the new technologies that are becoming widespread and that can be used to radically change a person’s appearance.


She captioned her post “INSTAGRAM vs REALITY” and said: “I am currently deeply shaken by the extent to which story filters have become commonplace. From initially having dog ears and flower crowns to environmental filters for interior and outdoor stories, facial filters have now developed that resemble plastic surgery!

“Eyes, lips and noses, complete facial expressions and facial features are so disfigured and changed that they create a completely different person.

“In addition, there is the latest trend of first publishing stories with these filters, saving them and then uploading them again, in order to give the impression to the viewers that one actually looks like this without a filter, since it is no longer mentioned by name in the top left.”


She added that “the whole thing is now taking forms that are dangerous. Really dangerous!!”

She said: “Young people and children want to emulate us, have equally pore-free skin, big eyes and perfect lips and do everything they can to emulate the social ideal of beauty (which is actually a huge hocus-pocus of story filters, Photoshop, Botox and lip fillers). Many lose self-confidence, run to the Beauty Doc at 18 or even become depressed.

“Don’t get me wrong – if someone has an actual defect, they can of course have it fixed. Everyone can and should do with their body what they think is right.


“But can’t we all think a little more about the ORIGIN of such uncertainties, which we first convey by using such face filters and unasked comments about the appearance of others…?”

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