Incredible Moment Girl Aged 7 Does 65 Backflips In 45 Seconds

Story By: James KingSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

This is the incredible moment a little girl aged 7 does 65 backflips in just 45 seconds.

She became a Guinness World Record holder on 4th August 2021 after performing the most handsprings – 75 – in a confined space in one minute for a female, and the title remains unbeaten

Her proud dad said that little Li Jiamin from the prefecture-level city of Xinzhou in Shanxi Province in China had started practising gymnastics at the age of four.

Li Jiamin, 7, does backflips in Xinzhou, China. (liermi/AsiaWire)

She had reportedly enjoyed the gymnastics she had done at school at the young age of four, and her teacher told her to continue practising when she got home, and she simply never stopped.

Her dad said: “My daughter liked to do backflips even when she first started out at the age of four, whether she was at home or going out to play, and she doesn’t show any sign of slowing down on her training.”

Videos of her performing the stunt are simply dizzying as she moves almost faster than the eye can follow, making each flip in less than a second and never moving from the spot.

Li Jiamin, 7, who does backflips in Xinzhou, China. (liermi/AsiaWire)

The dad said that they were lucky in getting free training from some of the best coaches, who were so reportedly so impressed by her ability that they were more than happy to work with her for nothing in return.

Her prowess has also earned her roles in several films showing her perform her gymnastics manoeuvres.